Take a tour across the US to visit all the former Presidents, well, their graves at least.

Traveling as a means to discover American History is something This Family advocates all the time. There are literally millions of stories waiting to be uncovered and as ever generation passes, we run the risk of losing those valuable lessons and and stories that make us who we are today as individuals, families, communities, and as a nation.

This year, we are inviting fellow bloggers and historians of all types to contribute to the blog. We feel its important to acknowledge some of the fine work being done throughout the country and quite frankly there are some spectacular ideas! Ideas that will take you and your family on an adventure through time and history and in this case…from coast to coast!

What better way to kick this off than with a tour of all our former leaders, from POTUS 1 (President of the United States 1) to Geroge Bush Sr, tour the US to visit all the former Presidents graves.

Allow me to introduce T.J.! T.J. spent his COVID time in a truly unique way…on a road trip! But not just any road trip…he discovered all KINDS of cool Americana things and shares them on his YouTube Channel with his super cute son. I spoke with TJ and asked him to recap his trip and form up an itinerary of sorts so that families could recreate it and make their own memories. I have to say, it was tough to choose because he visited SO MANY AMAZING sites but we finally decided on a US Tour of Presidential Graves. But enough from me… Here’s T.J.

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Introduction by TJ Fallon

In 2020, I drove to 33 different states, over 40,000 miles, by myself. However, this was not your ordinary roadtrip. I was visiting every Presidential, Vice Presidential, Declaration of Independence Signer and US Constitution Signers gravesites!

Many people ask me why.

Time. I had lots of it.

Respect is another major factor in why I chose to do this journey. Respecting and honoring the History of our great Nation. Who are the men and women who helped shape and define our country? 

I decided to pay my respects to them.

If you are a lover of History. Or if you just love “Americana” and want to take a fun trip someday. Then let me show you how and what it is you can see, state by state.

Interjection by Jen

I’m probably going to do this a few times because this is so fracking cool and I can’t keep my mouth shut! I feel like this Tour of the Former US Presidents Gravesites can be taken either as a massive road trip or it can be a bucket list trip where you just take it state by state as your life allows for travel. However you go about it, dear reader, I can guarantee you will make lasting memories for you and yours as road trips always bond and what a gorgeous way to do it…being introduced to and learning from our leaders. Apologies TJ… as you were saying…

I highly recommend a travel journal for this tour of former US Presidents graves. I love this one because it has a feel of hands on history and maybe a little pirate. 🙂 A journal like this provides a place to put the thoughts, conversations, and memories that will happen on the tour.

New Hampshire

Starting at the most President buried the furthest North. 

In New Hampshire, if you are traveling through the White Mountains and enjoying hitting the trail for a nice, scenic hike.

Think about taking a break and heading to Concord, New Hampshire where the 14th President of the United States is buried, Franklin Pierce.

Fun fact–  The state of New Hampshire did not recognize Pierce as President due to his “southern sympathizing” during the Civil War.  The state refused to place the term “President of the United States” onto his headstone.  This was done many, many years later.


From the White Mountains to where everybody knows your name. If you are the Boston area catching a Sox game or seeing the city enriched in history.

Take a detour over to Quincy, Massachusetts and see where two Presidents are buried side by side.  Father and Son, John and John Quincy Adams.  Our 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States.See the two Presidents with the distinction of being the only two buried side by side.

New York

New York state has the privilege of being the final resting place to 6 Presidents.  The second most for any state in the country.

Believe it or not, only 1 of the 6 is actually in the City.

Starting up in the very northern part of the state.  We have Millard Fillmore, the 13th President, buried in Buffalo, New York.

In the same city, you can also visit a very important Presidential site. Where William McKinely was assassinated and later died.

Several hours southeast from Buffalo is the middle of New York state, where you can see two Presidents within about 20 miles of one another.

21st President of the United States, Chester Arthur in Menands, New York and 20 miles further south, in the small, quaint village of Kinderhook, New York, lays our 8th President, Martin Van Buren.

Continue further south and end up in beautiful Hyde Park, New York.  The home and the gravesite of the 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Fun Fact– At the home and grounds of FDR, this is where many of the personal photos you see of Roosevelt were taken.  He spent a lot of time here.

Eventually you can end up in Manhattan!   On the banks of the Hudson River sits our 18th President’s amazing memorial and inside its confines, you will find Grant’s Tomb.  The final resting place of Ulysses S. Grant.

Finally you can end or start your New York state of mind, out on the island!    In Oyster Bay, New York,  Long Island, laid to rest is the 26th United States President, Theodore Roosevelt

Fun Fact– Oyster Bay is also the home to famous singer, Billy Joel.   He even references that in the lyrics to “The Ballad of Billy The Kid” ……  “From a town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island….” 

New Jersey

New Jersey is my home state (TJ) and there is only one President born and buried in the Garden State. 
Also, he’s the only President to serve two non consecutive terms in office.   The 22nd and 24th President of the United States. In historic Princeton Cemetery in the quaint town of Princeton, New Jersey is where President Grover Cleveland is buried.  

Now is the decision to head West or South from New Jersey.  We will begin by heading West into the neighboring Keystone State, Pennsylvania. 

Fun Fact–  Only about 50 yards from President Cleveland you can find  VP Aaron Burr and right next to him is Declaration of Independence Signer, John Witherspoon!!

Interjection by Jen:

And now I suddenly need to go to New Jersey and sing Aaron Burr, Sir.

PS… Here’s a delightful road trip soundtrack for you. Tried and tested by This Family. 😉


Most people would think that a President buried in the state of Pennsylvania, must be buried in Philadelphia. I mean, this IS where our Country was founded. This is the birthplace of our Independence. 

However, those who assume so, would be incorrect. 

The lone President buried in Pennsylvania is actually located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
The 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan.

Fun Fact–  James Buchanan is the only President who was a Bachelor.  No children.  No Wife. 

Continuing West, we head to Ohio.  Ohio holds the distinction of being 3rd on the list of states with the most Presidents buried there.   5 in total!


If you are traveling from East to West.   Pennsylvania into Ohio.   The following order of Presidential Gravesites would be the most logical to follow in Ohio. Canton, Ohio, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Most people, tourists that is, would probably be stopping in Canton to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, little do many people know, only 2 Miles from the parking lot of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, sits our 25th President of the United States, William McKinley! But, first you need to climb 108 Steps in order to get to the Tomb that sits 96 Feet above ground level!

A beautiful tribute to 1 of our 4 assassinated Presidents. 

Fun Fact–  McKinley is 1 of 2 assassinated Presidents buried in the state of Ohio.   That means 50% of our slain Presidents final resting place is in Ohio!

Head north to Cleveland, Ohio.   Cleveland rocks!   Check out the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and then head over to Lakeview Cemetery to the most unique Presidential Tomb in our Country! 
The 20th President of the United States, James Garfield is laid to rest inside the beautiful James Garfield Memorial Tomb at Lakeview Cemetery.  Inside you will see a striking statue of President Garfield.  Inside the Crypt you will get to see a most unique, special treat. 

Fun Fact– President Garfield’s casket, draped with an American Flag, is the only Presidential casket on full display. First Lady Lucretia Garfield’s casket is also located in the crypt. The remains of their daughter Mary (Molly), and her husband, Joseph Stanley Brown, are in the two urns located in front of the Garfields’ caskets.

Head directly West for another 90 Miles to Fremont, Ohio. In Fremont you will find, in my opinion, 1 of the most picturesque gravesites for any President. The 19th President’s Home and Library/Museum are on the grounds.   Take a short walk on a paved pathway to find the Tomb of Rutherford B. Hayes
President Hayes’ Tomb is in the midst of what seems like a forest of pines.   A very quiet and quaint location for the 19th President.  

60 Miles to the South you will arrive in Marion, Ohio.  

The 29th President of the United States,  Warren G. Harding, has a rather large and impressive memorial tomb here. For a President who had a Presidency riddled with scandal and corruption, you would never know it by visiting his Tomb.  It goes to show how the Country and Public views the office of the President much differently in years past. 

Fun Fact- Even though President Harding was not overly popular due to his many scandals, American Children from all over the Country mailed in Pennies in donation to raise money to build the former President a proper Memorial and Tomb.  Again, a look at how different the overall sentiment of the public was toward the President many years ago. 

Traveling in a South Western direction you will come to almost the border of Indiana. 
A town called North Bend, Ohio.    A suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  In North Bend is a tall obelisk monument where the Tomb of our 9th President, William Henry Harrison rests.  You can see the memorial from quite a distance away.  Quite an ironic memorial for the man who had the shortest Presidency of all time.  
President Harrison died only 31 Days into his Presidency.  

Fun Fact– The Harrison’s had quite the influential and important family.   The Father, Benjamin Harrison V was a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.   His Son, was the 9th President of the United States, William Henry Harrison.  Then, William Henry’s Grandson (Benjamin the V’s Great Grandson)  was the 23rd President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison!! 

So now there are many ways you can go.  You can go South in Kentucky and Tennessee or you can go North.  We are going to head North. 


The lone President buried in the state of Indiana is located in Indianapolis, Indiana 
The 23rd President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery. 
A fairly basic and underwhelming gravesite.  However, the good news is, you can visit many other famous memorials at Crown Hill Cemetery.  

Fun Fact–  Infamous Criminal, John Dillinger is buried in the same cemetery as our 23rd President!!! 

Now we head pretty far North.  Close to 300 Miles away into the state of Michigan.  


In Grand Rapids, Michigan is where the Tomb of Leslie Lynch King Jr. is found.
Wait who?   You may be asking.  Leslie Lynch King Jr. better known as his legally changed name of  Gerald R. Ford, the 38th President of the United States of America. Gerald Ford is buried right on the grounds of his Presidential Museum.  A beautiful wall that his name is engraved upon marks where the burial site is. 

Fun Fact–  President Ford is buried on the grounds of his Presidential Museum.   However, President Ford’s Presidential Library is on the campus of the University of Michigan.   So, his Museum and Library are at two different locations. 

You are now going to travel quite a ways.  South and West into Iowa.   Yes, Iowa. 


Is this Heaven??   No, it’s Iowa! 
Yes, Iowa.   The only President buried here is 31st President of the United States. 
Surprisingly, a very beautiful gravesite is where you will find President Herbert Hoover

This was 1 of the few Presidential Gravesites that pleasantly surprised me. 

Located on the grounds of Herbert Hoover’s Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa.

Fun Fact–  In Iowa you can also visit the actual Field of Dream ball field from the movie!!  You can even have a catch or have an at bat on the field!    Or, you could travel to Clear Lake, Iowa and see the famous location of where The Day The Music Died happened.  The plane crash site that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper JP Richardson. 

We will now travel a few hours SouthEast and visit my favorite Presidential Tomb of all time!! 


Majestic.  Magnificent.  Remarkable. Touching.  Fitting.  

The words to describe what you will see in Springfield, Illinois are endless. A fitting, amazing tribute to what may be our greatest President of all time.  The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. 
In Springfield, Illinois you will find Oak Ridge Cemetery.  The Land of Lincoln.   The Lincoln Tomb is remarkable!    Just down the hill from the Tomb is the holding crypt where Lincoln’s body was kept for months before the Tomb was completed.  There is no other reason to visit this area than to see this Tomb!   Lincoln’s Springfield, Illinois House is nearby as well. 

Fun Fact–  Buried only a stones throw from Lincoln’s Tomb is the Gravesite of Fleetwood Lindley. 
One of 23 people, and the only child (he was 13), who viewed the remains of Abraham Lincoln when his body was moved to its final resting place in September 1901. Lindley is the last known person to view and see Abraham Lincoln’s face before the body was sealed in the monument to rest undisturbed forever.

Following the Sun Westward, we head West and a little South to end up at Independence, Missouri. 

Take a Tour of Ford’s Theatre


The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum is the place where you can find the gravesite of the 33rd President of the United States. In the beautiful garden courtyard sits a beautiful flame that burns and nearby the gravesite of Harry S Truman. The Library and Museum is newly renovated and slated to reopen sometime in 2021.   Check it out!!!

Fun Fact-   Did you know that the S in Harry S. Truman does not stand for anything.   It is simply an initial letter.  No name attached.  That can be your trivia question at your next cocktail party,  what does the S in Harry S. Truman stand for??   Clever.  

Only a couple of hours West and South you will be in Kansas.  


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore..   

Actually, we are in Abilene, Kansas Dorothy! 

On the grounds of the Presidential Library and Museum, you will find not only the chapel where the 34th President of the United States is buried, you will also find the boyhood home of Dwight D. Eisenhower
A small Kansas town.   Abilene, Kansas takes tremendous pride in their local icon. They definitely “Like Ike” . Gas stations, delis and stores all named after President Eisenhower.   A very quaint small town feel.  

From Kansas I would head directly South into Texas.   However, there are 2 Presidents buried all the way on the West Coast in California.   So, let’s do those next.  


 Almost all the way to the Pacific Ocean in Simi Valley, California is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.  Very similar to President Gerald Ford’s Gravesite,  President Reagan’s is a beautiful wall with his name etched into it.   The view from President Reagan’s gravesite is probably the most spectacular view of any Presidential site.  Beautiful scene for the 40th President of the United States.

Approximately 80 Miles SouthEast of Simi Valley, you will arrive in Yorba Linda, California.  
The home to the Presidential Library and Museum of our 37th President, Richard Nixon.  
Buried right on the grounds, this is a very nice final resting place for any President. 

Fun Facts–  I have yet to visit the 2 Presidents in California.  The only 2 still on my list!   (Jen here….I’ve been to the Ronald Reagan site many times and it is an amazing place of learning and peace. There is even a piece of the Berlin wall which there is also a piece on his statue in the capitol building!) Also, Richard Nixon holds the distinction as the President buried closest to his actual Birthplace.  He is practically buried in the backyard of his birthplace home there in Yorba Linda, California. President Nixon indeed  “Went home”. 

Discover more Historic California

Let’s head back toward the East and head to Texas!!  Deep in the heart of Texas! Clap Clap


Located almost directly in the center of the huge state of Texas is the Johnson Ranch.  
The home and Ranch of our 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson
On the grounds of the Ranch is the Johnson Family Cemetery.  A private cemetery that you are not allowed to enter.   So, you will have to view President Johnson’s gravesite from about 20 yards away, behind a waist high wall.  BUT the ranch is still a working ranch today!  Drive around the grounds and see live Cattle and other animals!   A beautiful, truly Texas ranch!! 

Fun Fact–  The birthplace of President Lyndon Johnson is also located on the ranch grounds!   A definite must see when there visiting! 

Now head a few hours East and a little North to arrive on the campus of Texas A&M.

 On the campus is where you will find the Presidential Library and Museum of our 41st President of the United States, the last President to pass away,  George H.W. Bush.  The beautiful grounds of President Bush’s Library and Museum.   You will find a beautiful statue of President Bush.  A beautiful pond behind the Library itself.  Then along a pathway beside the pond, you will find probably the most beautiful, peaceful walk to a Presidential gravesite in the entire country!    It is magical.  Peaceful.  

Fun Fact–  President Bush’s Son, George W. Bush, our 43rd President, originally had a different plot and location picked out for himself and First Lady Laura Bush when their time would come.   After attending his Father’s funeral and seeing how beautiful his Father’s burial site was, that changed.   President George W. Bush will now be buried on the grounds of his Presidential Library, which is located in Dallas, Texas.    He was that impressed with that setup.  

Now let us head NorthEast toward Tennessee.  Tennessee has 3 Presidents buried there! 


If you are coming from the West then the 1st Presidential grave you will see in Tennessee will be James K. Polk.  If you are coming from the East, it will be Andrew Johnson.  

At the State Capital building in Nashville, Tennessee you will find the 3rd resting place of our 11th President of the United States, James K. Polk. Yes, 3rd resting place! They are now trying to move his body for a 4th time!!!! 

You will stand at President Polk’s tomb with the Tennessee State Capital building looming behind you.   
Overshadowed a bit by the building and a huge statue of Andrew Jackson riding a horse, only about 25 yards from where President Polk’s Tomb is located.  

Head a little East and you will arrive at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.  The home and final resting place of our 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson.  Hermitage is a beautiful plantation located in Nashville, Tennessee.   Like other Presidential homes, you get to take a look back at the life and home of Jackson.  See where President Jackson is buried in his Tomb buried on the grounds.  

Fun Fact–   Go inside President Jackson’s Hermitage home and see a pair of slippers that President Jackson personally owned and wore!!!!! 

Me personally, would now travel a little North in Kentucky to see the only President buried there.  However, for the sake of this Blog, we will continue on in Tennessee before moving onto Kentucky.   

Further East in Tennessee, almost into Virginia,  you will come to Greeneville, Tennessee.
This is where the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery is located and the burial site of our 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson. This is honestly 1 of the most scenic gravesite locations of any President.   Overlooks the mountains of Tennessee.   Just a beautiful final resting place. A surprising beautiful place to spend some time at and enjoy.  

Now let us head North into Kentucky.  


The only President born in Kentucky is our 12th President of the United States, Zachary Taylor. Located in Louisville, Kentucky is the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery. Here you will find the original Tomb of our 12th President.  As well as, the current Tomb of President Taylor, a mere few feet away.  
A small cemetery.  Quiet.   Nestled in what seemed to be a very affluent suburban area of Louisville.   

Fun Fact-You can also go see the gravesite of legendary figure, Muhammad Ali in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.     Or take the drive East and stop in Lexington, Kentucky.   See where the Battle of Lexington took place.  OR see the gravesites of Henry Clay and Vice President,  John Cabell Breckinridge.  Both in Lexington Cemetery.  

Now we head East into Virginia.    If you are coming from the West, you will be seeing Thomas Jefferson first. If you are traveling from the North to the South, from places such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland ,etc,  you would then visit Arlington National Cemetery first.  
We will do this coming from the West. 


The state that has the record for Presidential burial sites.   7!  That is right, 7 in the state of Virginia! 

Let’s start at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  
Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, you will find the stunning home of our 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Not much can be said about Monticello.    Not only am I a bit biased since Thomas Jefferson is my favorite President.   It is just incredible.  You feel as though you stepped back into 1820. You can feel the history.  See Jefferson’s own privately owned books.   See where he died.   See where he lived!! The family cemetery is located on the grounds.      Where as Jefferson’s gravesite is not overly impressive, you will not even care or be disappointed with how gorgeous Monticello truly is!

Fun Fact–   Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same exact day, only hours apart.        July 4, 1826. 50 Years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence!!!     This is the most unbelievable historical fact of all time!!!

Now going North a little ways you will arrive in Montpelier Station, Virginia.  Visit the beautiful home of our 4th President, James Madison.   Montpelier is spectacular!    Rolling hills.    
When you are there and walking around the grounds, it almost feels as if you are no longer in the United States.  It almost feels as though you are walking the grounds of some rolling countryside manor in France or somewhere in Europe.   It is amazing!  

The Madison Family Cemetery is located on the grounds.     
You will see where our 4th President of the United States is buried and right behind him is 1 of the most famous First Ladies of all time,  Dolley Madison. A truly special treat to be there and walk these grounds! 

Discover more Historic Virginia

Traveling a bit SouthEast in Virginia, you make your way to Richmond, Virginia.  Here in Richmond is the very famous Hollywood Cemetery.  In the Hollywood Cemetery you will find the President’s Circle.  
Here you will find the tall obelisk monument erected for where our 10th President of the United States is buried, John Tyler.   

Believe it or not, only probably 15 yards behind John Tyler is the gravesite, the most unusual looking location of our 5th President of the United States,  James Monroe

 These 2 Presidents are buried within feet of one another.  

President Tyler’s monument is a tall obelisk with a statue sitting atop.   Family members surrounding him. 
President Monroe’s gravesite is what is famously nicknamed  “The Birdcage”,  because it looks like a giant birdcage!  

You can see 2 Presidential gravesites in a matter of  30 seconds.    Pretty incredible. 

Fun Facts–   John Tyler was the only President who was not even recognized by the Federal Government when he died.  He died in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln was President.   Lincoln did not order the flags to half staff.   Lincoln did not even make a formal announcement.    Why you might ask?    The reason being, President Tyler was an enslaver and a strong supporter of his home state of Virginia.   He actually succeeded from the Union and went with Virginia.   Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, actually arranged the funeral for President Tyler.  President Tyler is the only President in history to have a flag, other than the American Flag, draped over his Casket during his funeral procession.    His casket was draped with a Confederate Flag.  

History Repeats Itself

James Monroe was originally buried in New York City’s Marble Cemetery.  For 27 Years!!!  He died at his Daughter’s house in Manhattan on July 4, 1831.   Becoming the 3rd President to die on Independence Day.  (See Jefferson and Adams above) 55 Years to the day of the Declaration of Independence signing.    5 Years to the day after Jefferson and Adams before him.  So yes, right in the busiest city in the world, New York City, is where our 5th President was laid to rest for 27 Years before being re-interred to the Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia.  

The President of the Confederate States of America

Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond is also where the only Confederate President, Jefferson Davis has his final resting place.  So some might say, there are 3  “Presidents”  buried in this cemetery.  

The Original President of the United States

From Richmond, Virginia we head North toward our Nations Capital.    We arrive in Mount Vernon, Virginia.   And yes, you guessed it,  the home of our 1st President of the United States,  George Washington.  

Like Jefferson’s Monticello.    Like Madison’s Montpelier.    Mount Vernon does not disappoint.  

An amazing look at the home and life of our most beloved President.   It is like a time warp.    A magical place.    You can feel history in the air! See where George Washington died.   See where his original Tomb was on the property.    Finally, see the Tomb of George and Martha Washington.    

The Tomb is encased inside a brick structure.   As you stand there, a mere feet from the tombs, you cannot help but feel history. Feel pride! The sarcophagus right before you is actually where the coffins of George and Martha Washington are inside. You are that close to where it all began!  Incredible! 

Finally, we take a short drive to the most heavily secure and guarded cemeteries in our Nation.  
Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.  So much to see here. You almost need 2 full days to see it all.   (As far as Presidents go)   Start with our 27th President of the United States,  William Taft.  
A nice, basic memorial and resting place for the man who’s dream was not to become President.   His dream was to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.   Which he also achieved.  
Make your way up the hills of Arlington.   

Now it is time to see the final resting place of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.  
As you walk up the walkway, finally, the Eternal Flame comes into sight. There it is. The gravesite of our last assassinated President.   Beside him, his wife, First Lady Jackie Kennedy. 

All gravesites are somber.   Especially, gravesites of ones we love or of people we feel like we knew, such as Presidents.  However, there is just something overly emotional and touching about President Kennedy’s gravesite.  Is it the Flame that is ever burning?    Is it the fact he was only 46 years old when he died?  Is it just the overall tragedy and sadness that many of us still alive today remember witnessing for ourselves when it happened in 1963?

Whatever it may be, you feel it.    Even as you stand there with 30 other people paying their respects, you can hear a pin drop.    Silence.       

A beautiful tribute to 1 of our most popular of Presidents of the last 100 years.   

Fun Fact–  John F. Kennedy actually stated that he wanted to be buried atop the hill that overlooked the Nations Capital in Arlington National Cemetery.  He found it to be a beautiful, peaceful location.   Little did he know, that time would come much sooner than anyone ever anticipated.  

Thoughts on Tour of the Former US Presidents Graves

And there you have it!

Some of you may be saying to yourselves…”what are you, nuts?! You did all of this in 7 months?!”

I did indeed, with the exception of the 2 Presidents in California. I visited all of these locations by car by myself April – October in 2020. 40,000 miles. And yes, there were times I drove up to 20 hours straight…and I’d do it all over again!

I got to live history! I was remembering the people who made this country GREAT! Hey, no one needs to make it ‘Great Again’. It has always been and will always be great! No-we are not perfect. We have our flaws. We have our disagreements.

This tour of former US Presidents graves reminded me we are all Americans. I was chasing history…and we should all have that feeling at least once in our lives. I leave you with these words from President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“So, let us not be blind to our differences-but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And, we are all mortal.”

Virtually Travel Through American History

Final Thoughts from This Family Blog

This tour of the former us presidents graves can be done as an epic bucket list kind of tour in an RV or it can be taken state by state, or the tour can be one of those things you just keep on hand and plug in to your other trips as you travel America. However you choose to tour the graves of former US Presidents, it will be amazing experience full of learning and memory making as road trips always are.

For those who want to travel from home or simply prep yourself before hitting the road (always a good idea), be sure to check out TJs Dead History Youtube Channel where he goes into depth on these destinations and honestly a WHOLE lot more of forgotten history. And on IG

Why tour the Former US Presidents Graves? Why tour graves of anyone really, let alone leaders of bygone days? Well, I too will leave you with a quote to answer that question. This family believes in education and this tour provides an amazing way to learn.

“Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

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