Weekend View – French Country Cottage

The Weekend View is a rainy day version this week.

Rain Rain Rain

It has been a bit of a rainy start to the new year- in just a couple days- almost 12″ of rain- and we have more on the rain every day in the forecast. I am keeping fingers crossed that California is going to soak up enough of this rain to help with the drought.

Bathroom roof leaks

Though we thought for sure the roof was fixed this time – we needed 5 buckets in the bathroom to catch the leaks again. Which means… back to the starting board. The roof above the bathroom area is one that is somewhat odd- apparently it has an odd ‘cricket’ which is not an insect haha- it is where the various rooflines all connect and come together. We have thought about just completely redoing it for several years- so that might be up next. It has been an ongoing issue and was probably leaking even back when the house was originally built in 1940.

Salads on repeat

I have been making salads for lunch almost every day – and even though we eat salad often, I am enjoying experimenting with a few new additions. I am thinking of sharing a few more recipes here this year- would you like to see some salad options as well?

Showgirl Silkies

I mentioned we hatched a few baby silkies while in Europe during the summer- and we also brought home a few young frizzles and showgirl silkies to join the flock. The showgirls make me smile every time I see them- they have bare necks and poofs on their bodies and heads- they kind of look like an ostrich. This one is a regular fluffy silkie- and we also have a frizzled silkie showgirl too. I will try to get some photos to share of them when they are out foraging – they are so cute. We don’t know just yet if they are boys or girls- maybe roos by the noticeable comb but have seen hens with larger combs too. We should know for sure maybe in another month or so.

Blooming Blooms

The garden is not blooming right now- but now is the time do some of the pruning and planting bulbs for spring in our area. These roses are some of our favorites and they are stellar bloomers if you are looking for a prolific garden rose- this is called All Dressed Up. They start out bright pink and fade beautifully.

Speaking of blooms – I am off to go trim the hydrangeas before the next round of rain moves in – Happy Weekend All.