Mar. 4—ASHTABULA — Area residents got a glimpse at the historic Castle Block property that has been completely renovated during the last two years.

The property features a mix of businesses and apartments in the same building.

Renew Partners LLC , JCI Contractors and Miller Realty worked together on the two-year project that resulted in 13 businesses on the first floor, and 20 apartments throughout the property, said RP co-owner Chuck Borsukoff. He said his partner Shawn Neece coordinated the project.

Renew Partners focuses on the renovation of small and large historic properties in Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties.

Borsukoff said his son, Charlie, and JCI Contractors Vice President Stan Glasky were integrally involved.

Chuck Borsukoff said 12 of the 13 business units are already rented. He said four of the apartments are ready to be rented and the remaining 16 should be completed by May.

There are four studio apartments, four first-floor apartments of varying sizes and 12 on the second floor of the building, he said.

Miller Realty’s Wren Swiney said the real estate operation is excited to be a part of the renovation and having an office in the city for the first time in many years on the first floor. She said there have been many inquiries into the apartments that are for rent.

Borsukoff said the one- and two-bedroom apartments all have a washer and dryer and there is access to communal laundry facilities for the studio apartments.

Gerry Greenwood remembers when the Castle Block building housed Morrison Radio and Electric. He said he wanted to see what the renovation looked like compared to his memories of the business that sold parts for radios and televisions.

He said Henry and Ruby Morrison owned the store.

“Ruby knew where every part [was stored],” he said.

Visitors were able to tour the first-floor apartments and businesses during the three-hour open house. A food truck was also on-site and Swiney was available to talk to potential renters.

The building was built in 1898 and by Henry Lawton Morrison, who was a dry goods merchant and a founding director of Farmers National Bank and PY & A Railroad.

By Chiki