Floral table linens on repeat over here and I think they are such a pretty look for spring and summer.

Any vintage patterned floral is a beautiful layer on a table but the faded looks really speak to me. I got a ton of requests for more details on the blue floral cloth and pink lattice floral cloth I used in recent garden table styles. Sharing more about those and a few tips when choosing your table linens.

Floral Table Linens

What I love

What I love about this table cloth? I mean‚Ķeverything. I love the big floral, the faded look and the weight of the fabric. It’s an older stock so I haven’t been able to source this exact for you. And I actually have the napkins that match this floral as well, but I ordered these delightful little ticking stripe linens and they had just arrived minutes before setting up this table. So I thought why not mix and mingle. I will share the whole table look with those soon.

A confession about this table? As I poured the rose into the glasses, I accidentally knocked one glass over and it broke and spilled all over the cloth. Had that been red wine- I would have probably ran a bit quicker to soak it.

Tip: Something to think about when choosing a tablecloth: The fabric: linen, cotton, polyester, paper, etc. Is it coated to be waterproof or is it one you need to be more careful with? Maybe you want something beautiful and easy to replace as needed – paper can be so pretty and perfect. Of course, linen is more expensive but has a softer hand. Cotton is more affordable. Simply choose what type of fabric works best for you.

Favorite Florals

Favorites are hard to choose here. I am partial to blue and white currently- but you know I love those vintage pinks, greens and any kind of lovely little floral. I think options are good to have on hand and you know, I am feeling like I might need to reconfigure one of my armoires for just linens since I have been loving different options so much lately.

Maybe one day you are learning towards something lighter in color- another day more saturated and bold. So I think having several options arguments works, right? One of my favorite things when styling a table is layering the look and often starting with flowers for inspiration. In this case- the purples were talking blue and white to me- so that is the direction I went in.

Tip: Think about the patterns on your place settings, the color of your flowers and also what look you are going for. If you have very detailed patterned plates- you may want to keep the base aka tablecloth less busy. If using simple white or cream plates – go for the pattern you love. Same with florals- layer them on or keep them simple. All about what speaks to you and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

You can click over and see more about these tables here and shop the looks.

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