our february box and a giveaway

I’m happy to announce our February box giveaway!

We are very excited about 2023 here at MFCH. The year ahead is looking good! We have wonderful subjects lined up for the Magazine; six amazing Tours planned around France, we’ll be launching a new MFCH Travel service in the new year and …. the cherry on the cake … we are partnering with my friend Jamie Beck for our MFCH Boxes!

I think that Jamie is the most intentional, and the most feminine artist that I have been lucky enough to know. Her photography is masterful of course, but it is her creativity that I find most inspiring. During the first confinement in 2020 Jamie started a series of still life photography, where each day she created a new image using whatever she had to hand. This Isolation Creation was fascinating.

I was literally waking up in the morning, wondering what she would create that day, and I wasn’t alone. Her still lives of flowers, fruit, and sometimes her own body is worthy of the old Dutch masters.

Jamie Beck left New York in 2016 to live in Provence for a few months. 6 years later, she is still there.. and has no plans to leave. Through her work she portrays the quiet living in Provence that she has come to love so much, and where she and her husband are now raising her little girl

In her first book (now a New York Times Best seller), An American in Provence, she focuses on her artistic journey and adaptation to a new, foreign culture. She hopes that readers will consider adopting a slower life after reading: wanting less, needing less, and living gratefully with what they have.

If you enjoy the art of slow living and the romantic French universe beautifully represented through the eyes of Jamie Beck, then you are sure to love our February Box!

To enter the giveaway is simple:
Just make sure you are following @mfchbox on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment here if you don’t have social media! For extra entries, comments, and tag a friend in the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram. The winners will be announced here and on social media on October 1st – Good luck!

If you prefer to simply purchase a box for yourself or someone special, just click HERE and choose between a one-off purchase or a subscription

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