Northern Beaches Best Rubbish Removal: Guide to Furniture Collection

It is vital to remember that finding a furniture removal and collection company can help you deal with certain things and problems. For instance, you may require assistance in ensuring that a specific piece of furniture reaches the future buyer, or you may move to a new household, meaning you do not need specific things.

When a certain piece of furniture reaches a point where you cannot repair it anymore, it means you should find a professional collection service that will ensure you have disposed of it properly. That is why you should learn more about Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches, which will help you determine the best course of action.

It doesn’t matter why you need professional help, because you should learn about the entire collection, transportation and hauling processes, which will offer you peace of mind. In this guide, we will take you through each part of the process to make sure the collection is as successful as possible.


You should remember that a furniture collection company will require the relevant information you can gather so they can plan transportation and move. As a result, they will make a proper vehicle for the weight and size. At the same time, you should provide as many measurements as you can, which can be a highly useful solution.

As a result, they will know everything they should expect and how to offer you the most accurate quote based on previously agreed terms. The first thing you should do is measure the dimensions of your furniture. We are talking about depth, width a height with a tape measure. You can either use five-metre or three-metre options but note everything.

In case you do not have standardly shaped furniture, you should consider other measurements that may prove useful for moving and hauling. For instance, it may have rounded or sharp edges, which is something you should also measure.

The chances are high that the collection company will require images of items to ensure the visual perspective. You should know that taking photos that show the condition before relocating can protect you against potential disputes in the future, especially in case of potential damages that can occur during the moving process.

2.Estimate Weight

Similarly, when measuring the dimensions of your items to offer the relevant details to a collection company, the chances are high that weight will also affect the quote and other factors they should consider.

Everything depends on the items you decided to haul, because you may either haul it yourself in case size allows. However, bulky items cannot fit on the standard weighing scale, meaning you should calculate the estimated weight based on specific tips we will mention in the further article.

Suppose you have a modern item you purchased in the last ten years. In that case, you should check out the paperwork for a specific item and analyse specifications, which are most likely to include weight among other measurements. On the other hand, you can type the model you got on the manufacturer’s website or some other online retailer to check out the specs.

We recommend you type the product name on Google or any other search engine. That way, you can reach the desired sites that will offer you the estimated weight. However, if you have tried all options and you cannot find the weight based on the furniture item you have.

On the other hand, if your item is second-hand, meaning you cannot reach the visible product name, you should look on the Internet for other, similar items that feature the same materials, styles, and sizes. That way, you can adjust the weight to ensure you get the estimation.

Of course, professionals can reach your household and determine the weight by themselves, since they have experience in dealing with similar furniture. As a result, they can gather relevant info which will allow them to create quotes you can use to compare different companies from your area.


Another option you should consider, when it comes to analysing specifications is to reduce the hassle and boost the space required, which will save you money in the long run. The bulky item may not be able to get out of your property. Therefore, you may need to disassemble it in parts, to ensure it can move through doorways, staircase corners and other areas.

Of course, if you do not have enough info on how to disassemble specific furniture, you can ask the collection company to handle each step along the way and finish the job on your behalf. On the other hand, you can find a local handyperson to deal with the process, while you can ask them to assemble everything when you relocate.

You should consider that in extreme cases, furniture may not physically fit through the downstairs and doorways, while it is unable to disassemble, you should think about alternatives.

In some situations, it means taking windows by the frame and hoisting everything to the ground. For instance, if you think that transportation is a tricky process, we recommend you mention to hauling company. Send them images and specifications to allow them to assess the best course of action.


It doesn’t matter whether you wish to move your belongings or throw them away by finding a hauling company that will handle each step because the process requires comprehensive research.

The first thing is word-of-mouth, meaning you should ask family members, friends, and neighbours to determine whether they know someone who can help you deal with certain issues and project you wish to handle. As a result, you will get a real experience from past customers, meaning you can determine the overall amount you should spare approximately.

Of course, things are continually changing, meaning if your neighbour had hired them a few years ago, the chances are high that prices have increased due to external and internal factors. A recommendation is the best option that will help you find someone who has professional qualities.

Still, afterwards, you should research their name, online presence, testimonials, and customer reviews, which will help you narrow your search.

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