Interior design is just one way homeowners can put their own stamp onto their property. However, if you’re renovating to sell, there are some important choices to stay away from as they may not be appreciated by a potential buyer. One expert has said Britons should opt for warm naturals instead.

Thomas Goodman, interior designer,, told “Using bold colors and patterns is a personal choice and not one that everyone will appreciate.

“Although some buyers will look past the bright colors and patterns, not everyone can or will.

“So, if you want to sell a house for the best price, it’s prudent to use warm colors.” Popular choices include warm beiges such as Egyptian cotton or even off white colors.

According to the pros, certain colors and patterns such as large floral designs and stripes can make a room look smaller.

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However, for a room to reach its maximum value when it goes to market, it needs to feel as spacious as possible.

Thomas added: “Mixing too many different styles can create a confused interior which potential buyers will feel the need to change.

“Buyers will take the cost of these alterations into account when they make an offer. Equally, not decorating to suit a house’s character may let the house down.

“Putting a modern glossy kitchen into a country cottage can attract buyers. They’ll be expecting to see a traditional kitchen, so this can be off putting and limit your house’s value.”

Sticking to a neutral color like a warm white will allow potential buyers to see themselves in a space, something a bold color may not be able to do.

Ripping out period features is also a huge no-no when it comes to renovating and taking away the character of a house.

It removes its main selling point and can also decrease the home’s value massively, so make sure to keep and restore these features

James Mellan-Matulewicz, creative director and designer at Bobbi Beck, added: “If you are sick of an older element of your home, such as a fireplace, there are many ways you can transform the area without removing the feature.

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“Consider less permanent changes, such as painting over or dressing the fireplace with hanging plants to distract from the feature that you’re perhaps not too fond of.”

The experts also recommended against adding an island into a small kitchen as it can make it cramped and difficult to use.

This means instead of adding value to a home, it can have a negative effect, even if adding an island can make a big space more functional.

Instead, opt to paint the kitchen a light color to make it look bigger, and add clever storage to allow for better organization.

James added: “If you are setting out to do some home DIY, ensure that you’re confident in what you’re going to carry out and the job in question won’t be expensive to replace if it goes wrong.

“Sometimes, investing in a professional to do your home improvements or redecorating can work out better for cost-savings as their experience makes the home appear professional and put together.”

Garden landscaping is a great way to make an outdoor space inviting and relaxing, however choosing to install permanent garden furniture and water landscaping may not be the best option for future buyers, especially those with children.

This includes installing a permanent waterfall, which might seem like a great decision and one which could potentially add value to a home. However, it could be seen as a risk by those with children or pet owners.

By Chiki