March 11, 2023

It’s been sooooo hard not to have a gigantic fun-suckery face *permanently etched – at the moment.


As you might already know, the little broke her leg in pe at school and this has put a huge stop on everything. Our Strictly Dancing tour tickets had to be given away back in February. Half term was spent at the hospital as surgery was needed on said leg. And, no tickets AT ALL for either Lizzo or Ed Sheeran concerts could be bought. This was especially hard on the little ones as she adores them both *giant sad face, followed by hours of blasting Lizzo and Ed Sheeran songs.


So… as you can imagine, life in the Button house has been ermmmm pretty pooptastic. Here are my Five Fab Things from this week *digging deep guys, digging deep!

Five fab things

1. This brave girl!

Posted with the littles permission…given the big pink elephant in the room. I am SO, so, so, so, sooooooo proud of her. Not once has she made a fuss about the billions of x rays, plaster on – plaster off’s, surgery and of course all the metal works hidden away in there. Wow! #BravestGirl *mere mortals aka me, would have crumbled into bits by now.

2. Lots of giggles

We’ve been very lucky to get our hands on a preview copy of Olly Brown, GOD of hamsters by Bethany Walker and illustrated by Jack Noel – which is publishing next month by Scholastic. We’ve just started reading it and we’ve been in stitches of laugher. It’s SO funny! Even for grown ups * and that’s saying something in the best possible way.

3. International Women’s Day

It wasn’t until a friend shouted over ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ that I even realized that was the day! Everything has been a blur here, so it was such a treat to have been included in this gorgeous line up of authors, illustrators and behind the scenes team from Owlet Press. Yay! Goosebumps!!!

Owlet Press

4. A new read for me!

I love reading kids books with the little one. Not only because it’s a lovely thing to do together, but it’s also a great inspiration for my own writing. I can reel off zillions of titles from the last couple of months, but then I realized that I haven’t actually read any grown ups books for quite a while. We are stuck inside for a bit longer *feels like forever!!! So, I’ve made a start on Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan. The writing is stunning, and I can feel myself being pulled in so quickly. It’s hard to put it down. If you’ve read it before, let me know what you think?

Five fab things

5. A quote to remember

Five fab things

Reminder: You are doing really really well, keep going, hang in there! You got this! – @okay_doodle

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By Chiki