A simple and sweet and oh so charming antique round table.

Does anyone else shop vintage during the holidays? Surely, I can’t be the only one that all the thrift stores call to even when busy decking the halls. And so, it happened. Though this was another online find at Marketplace- and also another find that was marked FREE.

Antique round table

I am slightly obsessed with tables at the moment it seems. This is the 3rd I have brought home in the past year or so. It probably has something to do with a couple projects I am working on this year – that require a couple different style tables. So, this one is round and is perfectly full of patina and old wear and when I saw the listing -the first thing that caught my eye was the shape and details of the legs. So charming and full of character. Then I saw it was listed as Free and though well, it’s almost too good to be true. So, I messaged the seller. I wasn’t sure if it was a usable table, missing parts or if the top was veneer and it was majorly damaged. They got back to me and said it was solid wood- no veneer, needed to be restored but in good condition- and that someone was already planning to pick it up and they would let me know if they didn’t come.

Next day – they messaged that the person didn’t show up and if I wanted it – it was mine. I replied yes and where to pick it up. They were going to be out of town for over a month so, we waited to coordinate and when she was back we arranged to meet.

Chippy and Charming

You know, I am going to probably surprise a couple of you by saying that I love the dark finish on this table. Love it, love it, love it. It is a dark brown almost black in person in areas. The legs have a lot of wear, but not in a bad way if that makes sense. I am a fan of well loved authentic patina- this one definitely has that.

That said, I know it would look incredible in a bleached wood finish but for now, I am leaving it dark, cleaning up and tinkering with a few things like a couple pieces that came loose. The size is perfect – not too big to tuck in the entry for flowers or a tabletop Christmas tree – and it also has 2 leaves to be able to expand and make the table longer. Even more of a bonus- it is on little old wheels so very easy to move by myself. (remember the story of us struggling to move that heavy farm table? haha)

Fresh flowers

My husband brought home some fresh flowers for a photoshoot and set the buckets on this table while they opened up a bit. The mix of the blush and white blooms with the dark table – so darn pretty. As I am sure you can tell – these photos aren’t staged and are perfect big camera photos. I just grabbed a few quick iPhone photos (and screenshots of a video from Instagram too) of the table in the gloomy weather to share but I’m excited about playing with it more when we get Christmas packed away and have some time to do some redecorating .

What do you think of this antique table? Would you pick it up and use it as is with all that chippy patina? Or strip the finish and bleach it for a different look?