Sometimes I want a home improvement project that’s pretty much project-free — you know? Like I want to make my shower look tidy and super aesthetic, but I don’t really want to re-tile or buy super expensive skincare bottles that all match. Instead, I just look through this list, because these cheap, popular home improvement products can make a big difference with little effort.

So, before you start searching for seriously expensive shower tiles, grab the shower shelves on this list. The set has a bunch of matching shelves with a matte-black finish to create the most aesthetic shower storage. This list even has improvements to make your home feel better, like a cool mist humidifier or a dimmable light strip for soothing accent lighting.

Let’s just all agree to stop searching for expensive upgrades because these budget-friendly improvements fix pretty much everything — but act fast, because these items are hot.


This Quick-Drying Pen That Refreshes Grimy Grout

Take care of whatever grimy grout is bothering you with this super precise grout pen, because it paints over stains and all types of griminess. The quick-drying formula is easy-to-use — just color over the grout — and it covers up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout. Best of all, it won’t smell too strong during your grout-refreshing project and will last a long time.


These Grippy, Washable Liners That Give You A Cleaner Fridge

Not only do these mats protect your fridge shelves, but they also have a grippy texture to prevent your produce, bottles of soda, and leftovers from sliding around. They’re made of food-grade EVA, so you can pop bunches of kale and other unwrapped produce right on top of these colorful and washable liners.


These Remote-Controlled LED Lights That Are Easy To Install

Tucking these battery-powered LED puck lights under cabinets makes your countertop (or closet or stairs or hallway) look super chic. They have adhesive tape on the back or plenty of screws for easy installment that can be as permanent as you want it to be. Plus, you can touch these lights to turn them on or use the remote to control them.


These Trendy Pantry Baskets To Clip Onto Shelves

These shelves snap right onto the shelves in your pantry, cabinet, or even bathroom vanity for an extra spot to tuck things. They have a trendy yet neutral white wire design that looks sleek no matter where you hang this hardware-free shelf. Plus, it’s easy to slide these durable alloy steel baskets right next to each other under a shelf.


These Rug Grippers That Won’t Add A Bunch Of Bulk

You won’t have to keep your rug perfectly lined up with a non-slip pad if you grab these rug grippers. The V-shaped design sticks on each corner, so they don’t add a bunch of bulk to your trendy rug. Plus, the sticky gel is strong enough to keep the corners in place — even on vacuuming day.


A Drain Protector That Pops Right Over Your Drain

You won’t have to unscrew a grimy drain cover to add a hair-catching drain protector — yay. Instead, it pops right on top of your flat or the pop-up drain in your shower. It’s made of flexible silicone with a rust-resistant design that won’t slide around in the tub, while the small holes catch debris and hair, keeping your drain clog-free.


A Mini, Effective Air Purifier That Is Whisper Quiet

This air purifier isn’t a huge commitment because it’s compact and chic enough to fit in with just about any home decor style with a neutral color. The 6.5-inch diameter means it’s small enough to pop it right on your bedside table, and it filters out allergens and dust from the air, all while having a super quiet design. You can even add essential oils, so you won’t need to clutter your table with an air purifier and diffuser.


A Door Draft Stopper That You Can Trim To Fit Your Exact Door

Adding this door draft stopper isn’t a huge project because it has super easy adhesive on the back to stick it right on. If it’s a bit too long, you can actually trim this durable stopper with scissors. After installation, the three-layer design will really keep out noise, dust, and more.


This Stick-On Paper Towel Holder That’s Super Versatile

Not only does this paper towel holder look super sleek, but you can also stick it almost anywhere in your kitchen. With the adhesive back, you can even tuck this stainless steel holder inside of a kitchen cabinet and choose to hang it vertically or horizontally. It has a rust-proof finish (with five different color choices), so it won’t rust if you hang it above the sink.


A Shower Mat With Zero Annoying Suction Cups

This textured bath mat actually goes in the bottom of your tub or shower to provide a thick cuchion for your feet and non-slip support. It’s made of mesh-like PVC, so the water can drain right through when you shower — no mold or mildew will be found here. You also won’t have to worry about annoying suction cups because this mat has a non-slip bottom.


This Repair Putty That Comes In An Easy-To-Use, Long-Lasting Tube

With this shrink-resistant repair putty, you won’t have to avoid changing up your wall art because of unsightly holes. It comes in a squeeze bottle, so you don’t even have to touch the putty or scoop it out with a putty knife — simply apply it to the walls in a circular motion. Plus, this unique tube keeps it fresh, so you can store the leftover putty for later.


These Clear Shelf Dividers That Look Nice In Your Closet

These shelf dividers will tidy up closet shelves, and the clear acrylic design is barely noticeable between stacks of clothes or towels. Each one has a clip-on design, so it’s easy to adjust and arrange them to fit your favorite pieces. They’re also super lightweight, so they’re gentle on your shelves.


This Chic Cable Management Kit With A Bunch Of Supplies

This cable management kit comes with three boxes of various sizes to tuck power cords and strips into and a bunch of other handy gadgets that’ll keep wires and chargers in check. This set also includes cable clip holders, cord clips, cable ties, and more to make your home look tidy, organized, and clean.


This Wood Furniture Repair Kit With Colors That Will Match Your Stuff

This budget-friendly wood furniture repair kit is obviously cheaper than swapping out scuffed-up furniture or replacing your wooden floors. The included markers and easy-to-use wax sticks make this set quick and, most importantly, reusable. There’s even a wax stick sharpener, so this set is super precise the next time you find a scuff mark or small chip.


A Pack Of Trimmable Stove Gap Covers That Are Easy To Clean

These stove gap covers have a sleek, neutral color design, so they won’t stand out too much next to your stove and countertop. Their non-slip silicone design fits right over the stove gap, and there’s even a hidden piece to keep it secure. They prevent drips getting into that awkward space (as well as pot holders) and can even be put in the dishwasher if you spill a bunch of sauce on them.


A Dish Rack That Hangs Out In The Corner Of Your Sink

Sticking this non-slip dish rack over your sink won’t ruin how functional your sink is because it simply hangs out in the corner, but it can fold up when you don’t want it on your sink. It’s made of durable stainless steel that’s rust-resistant, no matter how often you leave a damp sponge on it.


These Discreet Pads For A Quiet Washing Machine

Instead of dealing with annoyingly loud laundry days, stick these little non-slip pads under your washing machine. They’re made of a textured rubber material with a shock-absorbing design to stop any frustrating shaking sounds (or movement). Plus, they’re so lightweight and thin that you’ll barely notice them in your laundry room.


This Stylish Corner Shelf That Can Hold So Many Knickknacks

This quirky shelf is the easiest way to fix up a blank corner in your home. It has a tall design with five shelves that are ready for decor pieces that are scattered in random places — it can hold up to 11 pounds. Not only does it have a corner design, but you can also separate the shelves to use them in different areas of your home.


A Bathroom Set With A Jar For Makeup Removing Pads

Grab this set of hand-painted bathroom accessories, and your vanity instantly look on-trend and put together. It comes with essentials like a soap dispenser, soap tray, a toothbrush holder, and even a little jar to tuck away cotton swabs or makeup-removing pads. This rust- and chip-resistant clay set is also durable enough for any bathroom counter.


These Adhesive LED Light Bars That Fit Anywhere

You might find yourself sticking these adhesive LED lights all over the house because they make every room, closet, and cabinet look so sleek (and properly lit). They have a bar-shaped design that’s easy to fit anywhere. These lights even come with dimming options, so the lighting is perfect no matter where you put them.


These Stackable Fridge Bins With An Easy-To-See Design

Not only are these refrigerator bins stackable, but they also come with blank labels and markers to make your fridge look that much more put together. They’re completely transparent and easy to clean, so you can always see what produce you stuck in these durable bins after you’ve stacked them up.


An Outlet Extender Shelf For Your Phone To Hang Out On

Your phone can easily hang out on this outlet extender while it charges because it has a small shelf right on top. It has a bunch six AC outlets, two USB outlets, and one USB-C outlet, so it can charge up to nine devices at once. The versatile design plugs right into your wall and has surge protection, so it’s easy to get started.


This Compact Cutlery Organizer With Genius Slots

You won’t have to do a ton of reorganizing to fit this washable cutlery organizer in your kitchen drawer because it has such a slim design, at just 4.2 inches wide. Your cutlery fits into pocket-like slots that save a bunch of space. Plus, there’s an extra slot on top with a divider for smaller charcuterie utensils.


A Fade-Resistant Sheet Set With 60,000 Five-Star Reviews

This bed sheet set is the most zero-effort home improvement because all you have to do is swap out your sheets for this microfiber set. They have a fade-resistant design, so they’ll look crisp and vibrant for a while, all while feeling so soft and smooth. They’re also machine-washable, so it’s easy to take care of this deep-pocket set.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That’s Quiet & Fully Customizable

Not only does this cool mist humidifier look sleek, but it makes your home feel better. There are a bunch of mist settings and an adjustable nozzle, so it’s completely customizable depending on how dry your home feels. It also silently runs for more than 24 hours and has an automatic shut-off, so you won’t have to spend a ton of time thinking about this home upgrade.


An Over-Door Cabinet Organizer That Holds A Bunch Of Supplies

Upgrade your kitchen cabinet with zero tools because this organizer simply hangs over the cabinet door. The hooks have plenty of padding to protect your cabinet’s finish, while the basket gives you a bunch of space for small pans, extra cutting boards, boxes of plastic wrap, and more. Plus, the durable steel wire design is breathable enough to store dish brushes.


A Weatherproof Doorbell With A Sleek Wireless Design

This wireless doorbell kit proves that upgrading your entryway can totally be quick and budget-friendly. The receiver and button have a sleek design that will pair with any front door color, because it’s available in over 10 designs. This kit is also completely weatherproof, and you can customize it with over 50 chimes.


These Storage Bags With A Clear, Easy-To-Open Zipper Top

Yes — these breathable storage organizers are super oversized and budget-friendly at the same time. They have a unique design with a zipper top, so you can see what’s inside. However, the main part of these slim storage bags are flexible enough to slide right under your bed and keep dust away from your clothes and bedding. Of course, these lightweight organizers also have handles and tear-proof fabric, so you can trust they’re durable.


A Hotel-Worthy Shower Curtain With A Built-In Liner On The Back

You won’t have to spend a bunch of time hanging a decorative shower curtain and a liner because this curtain has the liner built-in. You can still machine-wash this unique curtain by simply unsnapping it. Plus, the outer curtain has a trendy waffle-knit fabric and a sheer window panel on top so your tub isn’t all shadowy.


A Slim Hanger Set With Super Gentle Yet Grippy Velvet

Before you toss out a ton of clothes, grab this chic hanger set because the slim design will save some space. Unlike those clunky plastic ones, these hangers have a slim design yet a swiveling hook, so you can easily grab your dresses and jackets. They’re also topped off with a velvet finish that’s gentle and grippy enough for silky pieces.


This Dimmable Light Strip For A Trendy TV Accent

Get that colorful and illuminated TV moment that’s so on-trend right now with this set of LED strip lights. It has 15 color options and various brightness settings for a customized experience. These dimmable USB lights come on a roll, so it’s super easy to line the back of your TV, computer screen, shelves, or bed frame with them.


This Oversized Cotton Basket For A Trendy & Tidy Accent

Sticking an oversized woven basket on the floor always adds a trendy touch, and this one is made of flexible cotton for a cozy vibe. It has small handles, so you can carry around this lightweight basket and quickly toss all of your stray pillows, children’s toys, and blankets in it for easy and fast organization.


These Sleek Smart Plugs To Stack On Your Outlets

These smart plugs have a compact design that’s suitable for standard wall outlets, so they won’t ever block one of your outlets. These sleek little plugs with voice control options work with an app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to power your lights, coffee maker, and more remotely, but they also have a physical on/off button for more control.


These Unique Drawer Dividers With The Sturdiest Design

These adjustable drawer dividers have a unique honeycomb shape that will look so aesthetic when you open your dresser drawers. These trendy dividers are also made of durable plastic, so they won’t bend or fold over when you stick your clothes and accessories in them. They snap together and can be trimmed, so you can make these fit the exact needs and size of your space.


This Chic Shelf Set To Hold Everything In Your Shower

These shower shelves look way chicer than hanging a caddy over your shower head. Not only do they have a matte black finish, but they also have a durable wire design to show off all of your aesthetic shower products. Plus, this adhesive set comes with a bunch of versatile shelves, including a unique toothbrush holder.


An Oversized Untensil Holder That Won’t Look Cluttered

This utensil holder is super oversized at 7 inches wide, so your cooking utensils won’t look cluttered and crammed. It also spins around, so you can quickly find even the smallest spatula hiding in this stainless steel organizer. It also has a removable divider for cleaning and a fingerprint-proof finish to avoid wiping it all the time.


This Grippy Tape For All Kinds Of Slippery Stairs

You can totally avoid re-doing slippery wood stairs with carpet if you grab this anti-slip tape. It has a sleek black design that doesn’t stand out too much on your stairs, and it works inside and outside. Plus, the grippy, waterproof design will even work on concrete stairs, tiled stairs into a shower, and more.


This Magnetic Spice Rack To Add Storage On Your Fridge

This magnetic shelf sticks to the side of your fridge for whatever tends to clutter up your countertop (I’m looking at you, scattered spice jars). It comes with two metal hooks, which are great for spactulas and hot pads, and the open design lets you see your cooking supplies. You can also stick this durable and easy-to-clean shelf to the side of your washer or dryer for laundry day.


This Easy Insulation Tape That Blends Right In

This unique window insulation kit is basically a budget-friendly way to seal up and insulate your windows. It comes with a simple roll of tape that is super easy to stick to your window. Then all you need is your favorite hair dryer, and this completely transparent tape will seal up your window.


This Closet Organizer To Slide Next To Your Clothes

This organizer saves you from adding a bulky bin on your closet floor because it actually hangs right next to all of your clothes. It’s made of flexible fabric that’s easy to slide around, but it also has durable reinforced shelves. You can also use the removable shelves and mesh pockets for tiny closet clutter.

By Chiki