We’ve been working on all kinds of updates out in the cottage -from painting the built-in bookcases to changing some of the lighting. And the cottage kitchen got a fresh kitchen look recently too with a new kitchen island and lower cabinets.

We didn’t remove those original old cupboards – don’t worry. But since this photo was taken- the counters and sink might have changed just a bit. We now have butcher block counters and an antique farm sink in here. it is all about 3 easy ways to add some of that lovely old world charm to a kitchen.

You can see more of the new kitchen look Here.

Guest Cottages

If you aren’t familiar with the guest cottage, it is a separate house that we have on our property. It is about 1000 square feet and has its own kitchen and bathroom and outdoor area. The cottage has a different vibe or feeling than our house. It has wood walls and open beam ceilings just like our house – but is far more rustic. Instead of trying to completely change that more vintage cottage feeling- I decided to play it up. We have kept the decor and the updates we make more on the simple ‘English cottage’ style side- and I love that cozy feeling out there.

Old World Style Lights

In the kitchen- we recently updated the lights to these charming lanterns- and they are really playing well with the rest of the room. I love the shape and size of them- and the finish in person is much more bronzy with some gold and brass tones coming through.

farmhouse kitchen island

Breadboards on repeat

This is one I have talked about before. Stacking up those breadboards on the counter. I am a bit of a breadboard collecting kind of a girl- and I definitely have a hard time walking away from a board with great patina and character. So, my stack of breadboards might be a bit larger than most. But you can use as few or as many as you want and get the look.

A rustic wood dish shelf

Anything with a delicious vintage wood patina is going to instantly warm up the kitchen. With that stack of bread boards on one side of the range- the other side begged for something as well. And this dish rack shelf was perfect. And- a confession: This particular piece was actually one made to hang on the wall. I flipped it over and set it on the counter and love it here. So don’t be afraid to try something you love in a different way to make it work for the space.

copper pots in kitchen decor

Copper and more copper

Because, can you really have too much copper? Well, okay- probably. But when that copper looks as gorgeous as these vintage pots and pans do- I think they are ideal for adding that instant warmth and old world feeling. This copper pot rack was easy to put up – and it is a simple example of a high end look for a low end price. This is simply a brass curtain rod with brass hooks. If you were to shop for a brass ‘pot rack rod’ for your kitchen- you will likely pay much more just because of their name. Find a heavy duty curtain rod that has the finish and look you love- and give it a go. The key is to find one Without the big end caps on it – keep it simple. And pay attention to the diameter of the rod- you don’t want one that is super chunky and your hooks need to be able to fit on it too. The one I have is just over 1″ – Similar one HERE and similar gold hooks HERE OR if you prefer to grab one that is an actual pot rack and ready to go – this one is gorgeous.

And if you are looking for some good inexpensive copper pots and pans to create a similar look – this set looks like it would have included enough to fill up your pot rack quickly.

copper pots on wall

Vintage Art

I know… artwork in the kitchen? Yes. Because it is gorgeous anywhere and in the kitchen -adding vintage paintings brings in a whole other feeling that makes it feel ‘collected’ rather than just ‘designed.’ This one is actually a page I found at a thrift store that I then put inside an old frame. I have about 4 or 5 of these style old painting prints now-I am contemplating doing a wall of them if I can find a couple more.

Potted Trees

small tree on counter

This cute olive tree is currently residing in our living room in our main house – but it was perfect out in the cottage kitchen as well. This is just a regular little olive plant- I think we found it at Home Depot. I placed it in that old stoneware pot (probably about 15 years old from a local store) and it was perfect for warming the room right up.


On the same line as the stacked breadboards and the dish shelf- bring in something with raw wood to add that patina and charm. For this look, I brought this weathered and loved old table inside to be a small island- and that delicious silvery wood added an instant amount of charm.

cottage style kitchen counters

A vintage rug

I love to bring in a vintage rug anywhere really- and in the kitchen is a perfect place to use one. This is one I found several years ago and it was a perfect color and tone for the room. A tip with rugs like these is to flip them over if they are new or look too vibrant for your taste. The backside is often a perfect muted look.

So there you have a few simple style secrets to add an old world charm to the kitchen- I hope that this was helpful and gives you some ideas for how to create the look in your own home.

Get the Look

Happy Friday everyone.

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