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7 Reasons to Always Have Beautiful Flowers in Your Home

As if we need a reason to indulge in flowers in our homes. We definitely don’t. But if you aren’t convinced that surrounding yourself with beautiful blooms is good for your home and also good for you- sharing a few reasons why you should go buy the flowers today.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with flowers. From fresh to dried, or even faux, flowers bring a romantic feeling to your home, a burst of energy to a room, and always seem to have their own way of adding personality to a space. Over the years, I’ve shared my love of flowers and have displayed them in many of my photos and there are several reasons behind my madness and why I love having flowers in the house so much.

Why you Should have Beautiful Flowers in your Home

So today, while I am getting ready to play with flowers for a table setting this afternoon, I am sharing seven reasons why you should always have flowers in your home and the joy their beauty can bring to you and to your decor.

1. They bring joy

It’s hard not to smile when you have a beautiful bouquet on the table smiling at you. Flowers always have a way of making me smile and brightening up my day. And studies even suggest that having flowers in your home can help you to feel happier, calmer, and more productive – which I know works for me. Whether it’s their beautiful colors, their natural calming appearance, or their gentle scent, flowers are always an excellent way to bring joy to yourself and every room of your home.

2. They warm up a room

With their elegant vibrancy and soft, romantic detail, flowers help a room feel more lively and fresh. If your space feels stagnant or dreamy, adding flowers is the perfect way to give it a warmer and more comfortable, cozy and welcoming feeling.

3. They add to your décor

I have always said a room is not complete without a chandelier and fresh flowers. And I fully indulge that and am sure I’m not alone in saying that flowers come with their own personalities. Not only can they complete a look and pull it together, but they can also create a different feeling or design for a room depending on how you use them.

Since flowers are all so unique and versatile, they are the perfect way to really bring out your own personal style and complement the decor in your room. Whether you want them to blend in and add another layer- or you want them to stand out and pop in your space.

4. Flowers make each room feel more fresh and inviting

When there are flowers in a room, it instantly makes the space feel more welcoming, comfortable and homey. Whether you have company visiting and so you are dressing up the guest room or your house a bit more than usual. Or you are indulging yourself or the everyday special occasion of enjoying a flower arrangement. Adding flowers makes every room feel more inviting.

5. They are inspiring

A beautiful bouquet of flowers always brings creativity and inspiration to me. I recently got a box full of beautiful fresh peonies and as I trimmed their leaves and gave them a soak, my mind was swirling inspired by the ideas to arrange and enjoy them. Whether you’re working on a new table design or planning a garden for the warm days of spring, flowers help you to feel more creative in your endeavors and can truly be a breath of fresh air when it comes to manifesting new ideas.

6. Flowers Add a Natural Element

Flowers also bring a touch of nature to your space. Whether they are fresh cut, potted plants or even faux trees and arrangements- the colors of nature bring beauty and a warmth to your room. They can instantly make a room feel like a sunroom – full of leafy greens and blooms pretty all year long. To see more of these realistic faux flowers- you can read about them HERE

7. They are simply beautiful

I mean, that one speaks for itself but the flowers really are simply beautiful. And so on top of all the ways flowers add to your decor and help brighten your mood – they can be appreciated because they are also just simply beautiful. To me, flowers are one of those things that make up a room and invite warmth and beauty into every space.

So, as you can probably guess, I am a big advocate of bringing flowers home everyday. They shouldn’t be enjoyed just for special occasions or events- enjoying them everyday is perfect in my book. They don’t have to be expensive- simple small bouquets of baby’s breath or seasonal flowers from the grocery store can do wonders. And for bouquets with lasting power-a realistic faux is perfect. Whatever speaks to you- go for it and enjoy.

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