Organizing. It is a thing this time of year right? It seems like you start a new year and decide to organize, purge and redo everything. If you live in an older home like me-closet spaces are a premium. And so, things are stored differently and pretty organizing ideas are key. Today I am sharing 5 ideas that I love and love to use at our house.

Pretty storage ideas for bathrooms

5 Pretty Organizing Ideas

I was cleaning and organizing the bathroom the other day and was in love with how fresh it felt when I was done. I filled the basket with freshly rolled towels, tucked in the face scrub and mask I left on the counter into a basket and placed my bath salts and brushes in a crate. Simple. But such a difference in how it felt when I was done.

pretty storage ideas baskets in armoire

Shelf Baskets

We don’t have a closet in the bathroom- and so, the armoire and baskets do double duty. The things we ladies use are tucked into the top baskets in the armoire. Make up, curling irons, scrubs and lotions, etc. in the baskets on the other shelf. A hamper is below that with extra’s tucked in as well.

storage idea for armor

Laundry Baskets

I love vintage laundry baskets for all kinds of storage. In the laundry room- they work as usual. In the kitchen, for holding extras – linens, paper towels, etc. and in the bathroom- those rolled up towels look pretty while being ready to grab after a soak in the tub.

organizing idea for bathroom

Peg Shelf

Simple is key- and this peg shelf holds the simple things that I am always grabbing for. A robe to wrap up in, brushes for the tub, towels to reuse, etc. Of course, you can always add fresh or dried eucalyptus or flowers or anything else you might like there as well.

A ladder or Stool


Not as much for storage, but more for organizing. Where do you set your washcloth before climbing into the tub for example. Or place a candle that is out of the way but close by. I use a stool by the tub most often- and place a small wooden crate on it that houses scrub brushes, Epsom salts, washcloths, etc. so that they are within easy reach and kept tidy.

A Small Vintage Table

If you have a bathroom that is space challenged, a charming way to display and keep things tidy is to use a vintage table. Stack up the towels, put lotion and soap on top and maybe even some fresh flowers for a sweet touch.

bathroom sink

Cubby Shelves

Another one for the road – if you have a little corner spot that could work for a cubby – add some shelving there for pretty storage. This spot has a few shelves above the laundry basket area that are perfect for stacking, storing and keeping things tucked away.

bathroom organised

I hope that helps give you some ideas for organizing while also keeping things pretty. I am working on a few updates in the bathroom- as I mentioned the leaks that happened with the crazy amount of rain we recently had- am refreshing the paint and a couple other things. Will share soon And we will be taking a look back at where we started with the bathrooms in our home in our next Before And After post. Happy Tuesday all.


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